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Ikone Porsche 356GT aisi83
A very special Porsche 356GT model painted (by aisi 83) in iconic colours.
Alexander Hagberg 1/12mod EC 2019
After winning the 1/12mod European Championship title 6 times in a row 2019 Alexander Hagberg donated his body shell to the Hall of Fame.
Michal Orlowski 1/12spec EC 2019
And another EC winning car: Michal Orlowskis 1/12spec EC winning body shell - thanks also to Schumacher Racing!
Alexander Hagberg TC/EC 2015
Alexander Hagberg also gave his body shell from winning the TC EC in 2015 to me and included a photo from his early days – showing already a lot of trophies.
Alexander Hagberg IFMAR WC 2014
Winning the IFMAR World Championships IC 200 mm in 2014 was another big success of Alexander Hagberg.
Jilles Groskamp TC/EC2019
Jilles Groskamp is back in Europe and donated this signed bodyshell at the EFRA TC EC 2019 in Trencin/Slovakia to the Hall of Fame
Hupo Honigl XRay X12/EC2019
After finishing 5th in both classes at the 1/12 EC 2019 in Trencin/Slovakia Hupo Honigl gave one of his ProLine bodyshells to me
Andy Murray Schumacher Eclipse2 EC 2019
Andy Murrays Schumacher Eclipse2 from the 1/12 EC 2019 in Trencin/Slovakia 2019
Dominic Vogl BlackArt Project Godspeed
Another donation at the 1/12 EC 2019 – Dominic Vogls BlackArt bodyshell
Project Godspeed Martin Wilfinger
And one more from the 1/12 EC 2019 – Martin Wilfingers Project Godspeed/Blackart bodyshell
Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Edition
Schumacher Racing celebrated Masami Hirosakas victory at the 1986 Offroad Worlds (Romsey/UK) with the release of a limited edition CAT XLS Masami Replica – here in front of my CAT SWB from 1986
LRP Ice Racer
HPI RS4 SuperEP – Signature Edition Car from the famous LRP Ice Racing Events (2005-2015)
Marc Rheinard TRF 2009
Tamiya TRF – Marc Rheinard (3 times Worlds and multiple European Champion) – European Championships 2009, Torino/Italy
Hupo Honigl Indoor Euros 2009
Hupo Honigls winning CRC – 1/12 Indoor Euros 2009, Torino/Italy
Recon G6 Parker signed Axial
Parker signed my Cayenne AX10 – 1st Recon G6 Europe, October 2014, Retz/Austria
Loki Drifter WC 2012
Loki's Driftcar (supported by Wurzi) – Drift–WM 2012 in der Yatabe Arena/Japan
Yokomo - Masami
                  Hirosaka ISTC 2006
Yokomo TC – Masami Hirosaka (14 times Worlds Champion!)/ISTC WC 2006, Collegno/Italy
Craig Drescher ISTC
Associated TC5 – Craig Drescher (Multiple European Champion)/ISTC Worlds 2006, Collegno/ Italy
David Spashett WC 2006
Corally SPX 12 (Practice Body) – David Spashett (Multiple Worlds and European Champion)/ 1/12 WC 2006, Collegno/ Italy
Neil Cragg Buggy WC 2005
Yokomo BD Max – Neil Cragg (Multiple Worlds and European Champion) – Electric Buggy WC 2005, Collegno, Italy

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